White Mountain Freezer Inc.
Makers of Ice Cream Machines

Founded in 1853 White Mountain Company used only the finest woods and metals and employed only the most skilled artisans in woodworking, casting and machinery to make their White Mountain Ice Cream Makers.

Today that tradition continues and White Mountain Freezer Inc. is considered one of the world’s finest manufacturers of ice cream makers for home use.

Now you can make real old-fashioned ice cream right at home. Choose either the hand cranked ice cream maker or the electric ice cream maker with the commercial grade motor.

The wooden buckets on both White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers feature barrel constructed tongue and groove pine, handcrafted with a finish of three coats of sealer, stain and lacquer.

The White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Maker model features a 12000-rpm commercial grade motor with excellent starting and running torque, better than all other ice cream making machines on the market.

White Mountain ice cream freezerWhite Mountain Hand-Cranked  (Hand Operated) Ice Cream Freezer (4 or 6 quart)
Make ice cream the traditional way, right in your own home. With it’s patented triple motion dasher system (with 3-gear drive) providing efficiency thorough freezing, White Mountain hand-cranked ice cream freezers churn out the creamiest tasting ice cream. All White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer Machines include a recipe and instruction booklet. Add your own flavors to create great tasting old-fashioned ice cream!

white mountain ice cream freezerWhite Mountain Electric Ice Cream Freezers (4 quart)
Only White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers feature their unique, patented, triple motion action with 3-gear drive. White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Makers use a powerful 12000-rpm commercial grade motor for incredible running and starting torque. Enjoy real homemade ice cream, made the old fashioned way with White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers.

Thank you for considering The Peas and Corn Company for your purchase of a White Mountain Ice Cream Maker.

Peas and Corn is a family owned, debt free company with low overhead allowing us to offer the absolute lowest price anywhere (with FREE shipping) when you purchase a White Mountain Ice Cream Machine.

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