4 Quart Electric White Mountain
Ice Cream Maker

Only the White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Maker with its commercial grade 12,000-rpm motor will produce enough starting and running torque to re-start half-way through the ice cream making process.

white mountain ice cream churn electric 6 quartWhite Mountain’s Electric Ice Cream Freezer
When making ice cream, you will want to stop the freezer just before freezing is completed so you can add flavoring, berries, fruit, etc. The Electric White Mountain Ice Cream Maker is the only ice cream machine rugged and dependable enough, with enough power to start up again at the proper speed to produce the smoothest, creamiest old-fashioned tasting ice cream.

White Mountain Electric Ice Cream Freezer Parts

  • New, enhanced state-of-the-art commercial grade 12,000-rpm motor
  • Corrosion-resistant, cast-iron, triple-action dasher
  • Stainless Steel Canister
  • New England White Pine bucket with slide and lock brackets
  • Three-gear drive motor system
  • Makes 4 quarts of ice cream in 20-40 minutes
  • Wooden Pine Buckets handcrafted finish on buckets with three coats of sealer, stain and lacquer
  • Buckets held together by strong galvanized hoops
  • Makes Old-Fashioned, Traditional Ice Cream, Yogurt And Sherbet
  • White Mountain Ice Cream Churn includes a Recipe & Instruction Booklet

white mountain ice cream churnWhite Mountain’s patented triple motion 3-gear drive action is unique, properly mixing and beating the entire cream contents for the smoothest, tastiest ice cream. The tall canister assures even freezing allowing the cream, ice and salt to come in closer contact for faster freezing.

White Mountain Ice Cream Makers are also available in the traditional hand- cranked freezer models.

Peas and Corn Company wishes to thank you for considering our White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers. Because we are family owned and debt free company with low overhead we are able to offer the absolute lowest price anywhere (with FREE shipping) when you purchase a White Mountain Ice Cream Maker.

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