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White Mountain
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The Great White Mountain Tradition
Building The Best Ice Cream Makers In The World!

white mountain ice cream makerOver one hundred and fifty years ago the White Mountain Freezer Company was founded to build the patented Triple Motion Ice Cream Freezer. The company was originally sited in Nashua, New Hampshire primarily because Nashua was the very heart of the growing area for long grain New England white pine, so essential to the manufacturer of the wood tubs used in the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer.

Originally staffed by European artisans skilled in casting, machining, and woodworking, the company gradually acquired a reputation for building the "Best Ice Cream Maker in America." Many of these artisans stayed with the company their entire working life and brought their sons and daughters into the business. Today, they still have employees who have spent their entire careers building the best ice cream freezers in the world.

Materials and Construction of a
White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

White Mountain uses only the highest quality; metals, woods, and manufacturing processes to produce the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker. Heavy Duty Stainless steel for the cream canister, premium dark wood stained bucket with the new and improved slide and lock brackets that hold and easily release the motor or hand-crank,  and the heavy duty cast iron and electroplated patented Dasher system to become the best ice cream makers that money can buy.

white mountain ice cream maker Only White Mountain Ice Cream Maker has the 12,000 RPM commercial grade motor, which is new and improved. This powerful motor provides the churning torque needed for making the best home-made ice cream ever. This White Mountain Ice Cream Churn has the power to restart after stopping to add berries, fruit, candy, chocolate or whatever you want to add to the thickened ice cream mixture.

Gear Frame and Motors of the
White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

The White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer features a strong cast iron gear case with a 3 gear drive that is simple, sure, and smooth. The secret is the Triple-Motion Dasher. As the cream can turns clockwise, the outer mixer moves counterclockwise, scraping the inside of the can white mountain ice cream maker thoroughly with its scrapers and moving the cooler cream inward until it meets the inner mixer. The inner mixer, turning clockwise, moves the cream in a reverse horizontal direction and imparts an upward motion due to the design of the floats. This exclusive triple motion of the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker properly mixes and beats the entire cream contents resulting in a smoother ice cream and provides a definite path of circulation which ensures; even, thorough, and efficient freezing. The electric units use a geared down 12,000 r.p.m. universal motor that will run on 115 volt A.C. or D.C. power.

The non-electric models utilize a similar mixing motion that is activated by the hand crank. The Joy of Cooking cookbook by Erma F. Rombauer & Marion Rombauer Becker describes the White Mountain® Hand-Cranked Ice Cream Makers as being able to produce the best ice cream available. The changing of the cadence at a certain point in the process creates a finished product that can't be matched by large batch electric ice cream making machinery. Don't kid yourself. Cranking is hard work. Consider the electric models for the ease of use and uninterrupted production. Once you start the process of freezing your mix you should consider toughing it out until the batch is finished. With the electric units you can still talk on the phone while your White Mountain Ice Cream Maker does all of the really hard work.

Why Buy a White Mountain Ice Cream Maker?

White Mountain® represents over one hundred fifty years of evolution in design and manufacturing technique. The balance between the various materials and the mechanical actions produces the finest ice cream that money can buy. Few appliances are this simple and elegant in function and appearance as the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker. Whether you are a purist who prefers small batches of fresh ice cream or someone who wants a novel addition to a summertime event, White Mountain® has a machine for you..... 

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