Villaware home kitchen appliances.

Sorry we no longer carry any of these Villaware home kitchen appliances...

We do have the apple peeler!

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Villawares Classic Italian Kitchenware

Villawares hails from little Italy's Murray Hill neighborhood of 1906 Cleveland, Ohio. As a family run business, the success of Villaware's first invention, a hand-cranked pasta machine by Angelo Vitantonio, paved the way for generations of ingenuity. This has since turned into a century long passion for supplying a wide variety of superb and innovative Villawares home kitchen appliances, specifically for consumer convenience.

Angelo's grandson, Gene (who is now in his 80s) is still Villaware's head engineer of new product design. Gene also invented for Villawares, the first Belgian waffle maker for home use and the electric pizzelle maker. Gene's son, Bob, is now Villaware's president.

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