Nut crackers for macadamia, pecan and other nuts

Choose a fast feeding nut cracker for macadamia, pecans and other types of nuts that won't over crack and crush your kernels. We carry Dynamic, Kinetic and Get Krackin nut crackers.

Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker
The Kenkel Hardshell Nutcracker effortlessly cracks all types of hardshell nuts. The long handle provides great leverage allowing anyone to crack nuts with minimal effort. This patented design cracks the nut outward leaving the nutmeat in large pieces. In addition, because you control the force, this nutcracker is flexible enough to save the nutmeats on softer shelled nuts as well. A simple turn of the knob adjusts the nutcracker to the general size of the nutshell you are harvesting, from macadamia nuts to hazelnuts to black walnuts. It is built to last, each nutcracker is assembled by hand of solid steel and plated to resist rust.

Kinetic Kracker
The KINETIC KRACKER is a fan cooled gear motor driven machine that cracks a nut with each revolution. Anvil automatically adjusts to any length nut. This nut cracker will not over crack or crush macadamia, pecan or other nuts. Cracked nuts drop out the cylinder's bottom into (your) pan or onto table and the adjustable shield prevents shell splatter: comes with a handy carrying strap.

Get Crackin'® Nut Cracker
These nut crackers with the "new groove" design, cracks all nuts including macadamia and pecan. Nut shells crack more uniformly, giving user more complete nut meats. No adjustments necessary and does not need to be mounted. These nut crackers come fully assembled.

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