Kitchen utensils

Find great kitchen utensils here, at the Peas and Corn Company, along with an array of your favorite small kitchen appliances. We help make cooking fun by specializing in a variety of kitchen utensils, kitchenware and recipes for nutritional minded people. At The Peas and Corn Company we believe in providing excellent quality kitchen utensils at affordable prices that are specifically designed to make your cooking, baking and food preparation efforts a little more efficient. Whether you are a master chef or cooking for one in a little kitchenette put some fun into your meal preparation with our handy kitchen utensils. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

Some of our customer's favorite kitchen utensils include the White Mountain ice cream makers, Lee's "Triple Action" corn cutter and creamers, the cabbage cutter and vegetable slicers, the amazing pea shellers (including the electric driven model) and our line of automatic nut crackers.

Of all our kitchen utensils, our favorite kitchenware product is the White Mountain ice cream maker, one of the best ice cream freezers in the world! These traditional ice cream makers have been built by hand since 1853 and can stir up a full gallon of smooth chocolate, rich rum raisin, chunky rocky road or whatever flavor you have a weakness for! They feature a patented triple-motion paddle system that produces exceptionally smooth ice cream. They are made of New England white pine with a nickel-plated stainless steel chamber and Norwegian beech paddles. Available in two great models, choose our manual model with its easy-to-turn hand crank, or let the electric version crank while you entertain family or guests. Fresh, cool, and delightfully creamy homemade ice cream is a special treat you never outgrow. Salt and ice are not included however; our Quick & Easy ice cream mix is perfect for fresh, ready-made, ice cream.

Another of our kitchen utensils is LEE's "Triple Action" Corn Cutter and Creamer. It cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off ears 10 times faster at one-fourth the labor! It cuts smoothly, uniformly and evenly without mess or splatter. These kitchen utensils have adjustable parts for different style cutting and are designed to fit all size ears. For uniform whole grains simply raise blade, remove shredder and lower scraper. For cream style corn lower the blade, which clips the ends of grains while the shredder splits them and the scraper removes the juice leaving the tough husks on the cob. No kitchen should be without one.

The cabbage cutter and vegetable slicer will become one of your favorite kitchen utensils. The sharp stainless steel blade is fully adjustable for desired thickness and is perfect for cutting or slicing vegetables quickly and efficiently. The amazing Mr. Pea Shellerô is another of our versatile kitchen utensils. It does an excellent job shelling black eye, purple hulls, cream peas, butter beans, etc. when in the fresh ripe green stage. These kitchen utensils are small, efficient, inexpensive for the home and are designed for long life, saving hours of tedious work that can't be done with other kitchen utensils. Produce may be viewed when shelling to avoid getting foreign objects in peas. Very little splattering occurs as peas roll out of trough into your pan. These kitchen utensils are also available in a larger more industrial model.

Our dynamic nut cracker is the first successful solenoid operated electric nutcracker and also part of our kitchen utensils family. Very Popular since 1972, these little kitchen utensils have a patented switch tripping shield arrangement that allows for fast feeding and cracking any size pecan, English walnuts, brazil nuts, etc., with little or no damage to kernels.

The Kinetic Kracker is a fan-cooled, gear, motor-driven machine that cracks a nut with each revolution. Anvil automatically adjusts to any length nut. You won't over crack or crush using our kitchen utensils. There's an adjustable shield to prevent shell splatter and cracked nuts drop out bottom of cylinder into (your) pan or onto your table.

A complete selection of kitchen utensils at affordable prices is available on our catalogue pages. Cook, bake and prepare your foods a little more efficiently using kitchen utensils that help put the fun back in your food preparation.