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Making Your First Batch using your White Mountain Ice Cream Maker

First have all your ingredients chilling in the refrigerator.

Second prepare your ice by filling a cloth bag and breaking it into coarse pieces using a mallet or hammer.

Third, using your White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer, place your stainless steel cream can into the wooden tub so that it rests easily on the metal tub center in the bottom of the tub. Insert your dasher in the can making sure that the protrusion on the bottom of the cream can fits into the socket of the dasher.

Fourth pour your recipe into the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker cream can, never filling the ice cream maker can more than half full. Assemble the can cover and turn the dasher stem with your fingers until it turns freely.

Fifth place the White Mountain Ice Cream Maker gear-frame into position by grasping the gear-frame and engage the dasher stem into the socket of the gear-frame. If you have a hand crank White Mountain Ice Cream freezer, slide the cranking end into the tub ear. The opposite end of the gear-frame fits into the tub latch. Gently push the thumb latch down until the gear-frame is snug. If you own an White Mountain Ice Cream Maker electric unit, be sure to hold the unit with the label facing you. Insert the right side of the unit into the steel ear and the left side (marked latch end) fits into the latch, Gently push the thumb latch down until unit is secure.

Finally it is time to fill the ice cream makers wooden tub with ice. Fill your tub to the top of the can with ice. Crank or run your motor for about 2 minutes so that the can chills evenly. Add cups of rock salt to the top of the ice. As the ice melts down 2 to inches, add more ice and 2 more cups of salt.

The amount of ice and rock salt you use will vary according to the ambient air temperature. Do not increase your salt usage until you have churned the ice cream freezer for 10 minutes. After 10 minutes you should notice the cream becoming firmer At this point, if too much salt is used the result will be excessive freezing to the extent that a crust of frozen cream will fore, on the inside edge of the can while the middle will remain liquid. If this occurs, allow the brine to warm up and thereafter decrease the amount of salt added when you add ice to the ice cream maker.

NOTE: Occasionally, your White Mountain Ice Cream Freezers dasher blade screws may loosen allowing the blades to move more than 1/8" from the dasher. Simply screw the blades down to 1/8" and resume freezing.

Discontinue Churning
When your ice cream mix has been churned sufficiently (usually about 20-40 minutes) and becomes the consistency of soft ice cream, it is ready for packing. The time can best be determined when it becomes difficult to turn the crank handle, or the ice cream makers motor begins to sound like it is really straining. Manually unplug your motor unit when you hear it straining, further churning will not improve the quality of the ice cream. Now remove the can cover. Take the dasher out and scrape off excess ice cream with a wooden spoon. Your ice cream is now ready to eat and enjoy!

White Mountain 4-Quart Hand-Cranked Ice Cream Freezer

The Old-fashioned Way
You can pack your cream for hardening right in your White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer by scraping it back into the cream can. Place a sheet of waxed paper across the top of the can, press the can cover down over waxed paper and plug the hole in the cover with either a cork stopper or tape. Drain off water, repack freezer with 5 parts of ice and 1 part salt until entire an and can lid are covered with ice and salt mixture. Next, cover with burlap bag or some suitable material for insulation. Then let stand until frozen hard. We recommend this "old-fashioned" method.

Helpful Hints
This booklet is only a guide on using the White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer and other ice cream makers ... an easy-to follow collection of hints and recipes that we have discovered in the last 140 years that make homemade ice cream so special. Here are some helpful suggestions:

  1. Protect all working surfaces with newspaper. Salt is corrosive. Be careful not to kill valuable back yard grass when making ice cream outdoors in the good old summer time.

  2. Use rubber gloves to protect hands from cold and salt.

  3. Do not use a White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer for commercial purposes.

  4. Use a glass or plastic measuring cup for rock salt, since salt pits metals.

  5. Use a wooden spoon for stirring and repacking ice cream to retard melting (wood does not conduct heat).

  6. It is best to make a cooked recipe the night before so it has plenty of time to chill.

  7. Make sure your ice cream makers wooden scraper blades are 1/8" away from the metal dasher. These screws are set at the factory, and should be loose, but never more than 1/8" or the end result may be freezing around the can while the middle remains liquid.

  8. Freezing should not be too slow or too fast. A greater amount of salt will melt the ice faster, causing the ice cream to freeze faster. A too rapid freezing time does not allow for sufficient agitation and produces a Coarse texture. An extended period of freezing causes a spongy' buttery texture.

  9. You lose the delectable taste and good texture of homemade ice cream if it is stored too long. It can be kept up to a month if properly packaged for freezing.

  10. The salt used in making homemade ice cream is rock salt. It is a Coarse salt and should be used instead of regular table salt.

  11. You can hasten the hardening process by placing the entire ice cream maker can containing the ice cream mix (after initial churning) in the freezer unit of your refrigerator.

  12. To your vanilla-based mixtures consider adding such flavor pick-ups as crumbled cookies or candies, granola, instant coffee mixes, small chocolate bits or even dabs of jams, jellies and peanut butter.

  13. Fold in ingredients such as fresh or thawed frozen fruit slices about 20 minutes after removing the ice cream maker dasher from the churned ice cream mixture.

  14. Try filling precooked pie shells with ice cream before final hardening or orange and lemon shells with orange and lemon sherbets. Fill ice cream puff shells with ice cream and top off with sauce.

  15. Fill parfait glasses with vanilla ice cream, add green crème-de-menthe and top with whipped cream. Just use your imagination. There are endless pleasures in store for you with the aid of your White Mountain Ice Cream Freezer.

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