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The Cobra
Hide-A-Way Knife Sharpener.
Sharpens dull kitchen knives in seconds.
Qty: Model #19:2000EM $19.95

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The Original Edgemaker 

The Original Edgemaker 
Grooved Sharpening steels perform like a butcher's steel. Perfect on serrated and electric knives.
House ware Pkg. Every kitchen needs one.
Qty: Model #19:12EM $7.49ea

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Edgemaker Pro

Edgemaker Pro
Grooved sharpening steels and finer honing steels. Provides two-step sharpening for a keen edge.
Qty: Model #19:331EM $13.95ea

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Golden Touch Finishing Tool

Golden Touch Finishing Tool
Smooth steels for finishing and polishing. Used as the final step to develop the perfect edge.
Qty: Model #19:21EM $7.49ea

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Perfect Point Sharpener

Perfect Point Sharpener
Sharpens most anything with a point.
Qty: Model #19:101EM - Semi-coarse $2.99ea

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LEE's Corn Cutter Creamer

corn cutter creamer
Model CCM101 Hardwood

Model 101B Stainless Steel

Model 1012 Hardwood
Set of 2 $19.95 each set

Model 101B2 Stainless Steel
Set of 2 $37.95 each set

corn cutter creamerLEE's "Triple Action" Corn Cutter Creamer cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off ears 10 times faster at one-fourth the labor! Cuts smoothly, uniformly and evenly without mess or splatter.

Parts are adjustable for different style cutting. Fits all size ears.

  • For uniform whole grains simply raise the blade, remove shredder and lower scraper.

  • For cream style corn lower the blade which clips the ends of grains while the shredder splits them and the scraper removes the juice leaving the tough husks on the cob.

Corn Brush
Removes Silk
Qty: Item: 5:9944C
Our Price $2.99

Corn Cobb Butterer
Qty: Item: 5:1928C
Our Price $2.99

Corn Holder - Set of 6
Qty: Item: 5:00828C
Our Price $1.49

Alaska Cutlery ULU
Blade, Block & Bowl Cutting Combination

These finely crafted cutting partners have been created from Alaska Birch and American Walnut. The curvature of the U.S. stainless steel blade matches the bowl perfectly. Comes ready to gift wrap or put to work.
8'' bowl with
6''Alaska Cutlery ULU

Our Price $38.95 Each
Qty: Item: 3:7BBA

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