Chris Reeve Knives
Gentlemen, Sebenza & Tactical Knives

Chris Reeve knives are the only three time winners of the Knife Manufacturing Quality Award. This is a highly valued award, because winning is based on votes from other knife manufacturers and master knife makers who exhibit their products at the Blade Show in Atlanta, Georgia. Year after year, Chris Reeve knives win over more knife collectors plus the respect and admiration of other master knife makers.

Chris Reeve Knives Are Exported Worldwide

Originally from Durban South Africa, Chris Reeve began exporting his custom made Chris Reeve knives in the early 1980’s. He now lives in Boise Idaho and exports his Chris Reeve knives to countries around the globe including Canada, England, Hong Kong and Italy to name a few.

Mnandi Bloodwood Chris Reeve KnifeChris Reeve Mnandi Gentlemen Knives

Elegant and functional, these Chris Reeve pocket knives are named for the Zulu word meaning “very nice” and feature titanium handles inlaid with selected African hardwoods.

Mnandi African Blackwood 
Mnandi Cocobolo
Mnandi Snakewood 
Mnandi Bocote 
Mnandi Ziricote
Mnandi Tamboti 
Mnandi Mammoth Bark Ivory 
Mnandi Walnut Inlay Damascus   
Mnandi Bloodwood
Mnandi Desert Ironwood
Mnandi Snakewood with Gold & Diamond
Mnandi Macassar Ebony
Mnandi Lignum
Mnandi Box Elder
Mnandi Camel Thorn Wood Inlay


Chris Reeve Large & Small Sebenza Knives

Chris Reeves knivesFeaturing the integral lock, Chris Reeve Sebenza knives boast a design that is revered worldwide and has become the benchmark by which all other folding knives are compared. In the Zulu language, Sebenza means work and Chris Reeve Sebenza knives feature a simplicity of design that Chris Reeve has said reflects the “simple and practical approach to life” contained within the Zulu philosophy.

Plain Large Sebenza Knives 
Think Twice Cut Once Sebenza 
Black (or tan) Sebenza Sheath 

Plain Small Sebenza Knives
Pheasant Tail Small Sebenza
Calvary with Almandine Garnet Small Sebenza

Whether you prefer a large classic Sebenza or a smaller version, Chris Reeve Sebenza knives are built to work as hard as you do. Other Chris Reeve knives worthy of note include Chris Reeve tactical knives and Chris Reeve bird and fish knives plus:
Chris Reeve Large Classic Sebenza Knives with Inlay

African Blackwood

Desert Ironwood
Plain Large

African Blackwood Large Classic Sebenza Chris Reeve Knife

Chris Reeve Small Classic Sebenza Knives With Inlay

African Blackwood
Plain Small 

Desert Ironwood
Lignum Wood

Bloodwood Small Classic Sebenza Chris Reeve Knife

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