Jim Parker Custom Knives

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Jim Parker

Jim's knife making talents all started while he watched his step-son Brian Milford working to put a knife kit together, thinking it would be a nice way of sharing a hobby, Jim located one of the founding members of the Knifemakers Guild, R. W. Wilson, of Weirton WV., together Jim and Brian spent many weekends going to RW’s shop to learn this dying art form. Jim admires the work and the instruction of other knife makers D’Alton Holder of Arizona, Hugh Bartrung From PA., Russell Easler to name a few. As to how Jim makes each knife, he takes a bar of 440C Stainless Steel and designs the shape of each blade then using the stock removal method hand shapes the hollow grind. The most interesting blade material Jim uses is Damascus Steel. This steel is made when you take two dissimilar metals and using a forge weld the metals into one solid piece of stock then hammer it and fold the red hot metal until you get somewhere between 192 layers and 2100 layers.

After the knives are heat treated he attaches the handle material, his materials of choice are Mastodon ivory, fossil walrus ivory, mother of pearl, turquoise and specialty woods such as desert ironwood and stabilized burls making each knife a separate work of art.

To further add uniqueness to his knives Jim sends his knife along with one of his photo’s of an animal to the engraver Bruce Shaw, California.