Collectible, Custom Made Hunting Knives
By Randy Lee, Jim Parker, Lone Wolf, D'Holder & Others

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Mel Fassio | Gaetan Beauchamp

Every hunter knows the value of a good hunting knife and hunter knives are available in three main blade designs.

Carbon steel hunting knives are usually the choice of knife enthusiasts who want tough, hard, wear and break resistance blades. Custom made hunter knives are also made with easy care stainless steel blades.

Randy Lee Hunting Knives

hunting knifeYou might remember in the movie Jeremiah Johnson, Robert Redford wielded a 16-inch Bowie knife. Our collection features a 13 ½ inch long Bowie knife designed by Randy Lee. But, this Bowie isn’t all about size. Lee uses some of the most striking natural materials for his handles, so the natural beauty of the Randy Lee Stag Crown Bowie Knife shouldn’t come as a surprise. Other custom made Randy Lee hunter knives include:
Stubby Hunter Knife                       Buckeye Hunter Knife
Snakewood Hunter Knife

Jim Parker Hunting Knives

hunting knivesJim Parker’s Sheephorn hunter knife features a stainless steel blade, a sheep horn finger grip handle and a Bruce Shaw engraving. One sought after characteristic of a good hunter knife is the feel, as in the finger grip design of Jim Parker’s California Buckeye Bear Hunter Knife. This beautiful hunter knife design has a striking standing bear engraved on the brass bolster.

Lone Wolf Hunting Knives
hunt knife
Who says high carbon steel knives can’t be beautiful? For collectors, Lone Wolf Knives offer a certificate of authenticity for the Buffalo Hunter Knife and Gun Set by David Yellowhorse
. The Yellowhorse creation has a high carbon stainless steel blade but the beauty in the blue turquoise and bloody basin jasper handle makes it magnificent. We also carry Lone Wolf’s Harsey T2 Ranger Cocobolo Folder hunter knife and the Loveless Classic Semi Skinner hunter knife.

Mel Fassio Hunting Knife
hunting knifes
The Mel Fassio Engraved Wooly Mammoth Ivory Knife is a masterpiece, featuring Fassio’s unique file work on the blade and spine and intricate engraving on both the blade and bolsters.

knifes for huntingGaetan Beauchamp Hunting Knives
Canadian Gaetan Beauchamp is an award winning master knife maker who creates collectible hunter knives and folders. Beauchamp’s Mammoth Ivory Clip Blade Hunter knife and his Mammoth Ivory Finger Grip Hunter knife are just two of his custom made knives.

D’holder Hunting Knives
As a knife maker, D’Alton Holder is a master craftsman that uses only the best materials and specializes in custom made fancy using knives. His wife Pat does all his engraving and works exclusively on D’holder knives. The Peas & Corn Company Heirloom Gifts offers the following D’holder hunter knives:
D’holder Damascus Hunter Knife                            Fingergroove Hunter Mammoth Tooth Scale Knife       
Fingergroove Hunter Clip Blade Knife                     D’holder Ironwood Hunter Knife
D’holder Sheephorn Hunter Knife                           D’holder Phoenix Small Hunter Knife
D’holder Phoenix Drop Point Hunter

Peas & Corn Company Heirloom Gifts

Peas and Corn Company Heirloom Gifts offer a wide selection of kitchen, heirloom and gift items including custom made hunter knives by master hunting knife makers like D’holder, Beauchamp, Mel Fassio, Lone Wolf, Jim Parker and Randy Lee.

For more information about our selection of hand made hunting knives, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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