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Peas and Corn Company is proud to carry top quality, custom made folding knives by some of the best knife makers and custom knife designers around including Stephen Olszewski, Lone Wolf and WD Pease.

Whether it’s a pocket knife, a folding knife or a lock blade buck knife, knife enthusiasts with a fondness for folders will appreciate our collection. Our custom folding knives are made by world-class knife makers and range from the more traditional sportsman styles to modern collectable masterpieces.

Custom Made Stephen Olszewski Folding Knives

Stephen Olszewski commemorates the oldest tool known to man in a bold new way. Olszewski’s knife making skills have been recognized internationally and go beyond the realm of creating unique, custom made folding knives.

folding knifeOlszewski himself admits that his first love has always been figure carving and his talents have been utilized by such company giants as Disney Studios, Hasbro, Warner Brothers and Franklin Mint.

While figure carving remains prominent in the designs of his custom folding knives, Olszewski’s background as a sculptor and jewelry model maker has helped to make his Olszewski folder knives distinctively his.

Olszewski’s knife making shows a preference for Damascus steel, mother of pearl and fossil ivories with gold and precious stone accenting.

Custom Made Lone Wolf Paul Folding Knives

Blend old world craftsmanship with modern equipment and knife making techniques and the result is Lone Wolf knives, beautiful, functional semi custom folder knives that are revered by knife enthusiasts worldwide.

folding knivesThe Lone Wolf knife making company works with some of the top custom knife designers in the world including David Yellowhorse and Ron Yellowhorse.

Lone Wolf is recognized for creating some of the market’s best made semi-custom hunter’s knives, gentlemen’s knives, limited editions and tactical folder knives; top quality folding knives built to strict material and tolerance specifications.

Lone Wolf knife makers also prefer high quality Damascus steel for their folder knives.

Why the fuss about Damascus steel? It was first used in the Middle East for sword making. According to legend, Damascus swords were far superior to other swords and could even cut through rock.

Along with the highest grade of steel, Lone Wolf knife makers use natural and man-made resources to produce attractive and functional folding knives.

Custom Made WD Pease Folding Knives

Peas and Corn Company carries custom folding knives by WD Pease, a Knife Guild Member who, since 1969 has created a name synonymous with creative craftsmanship and exceptional handmade knife making expertise.
folding knifes
W.D. Pease folding knives are custom handmade masterpieces, folder knives created in limited quantities and considered by knife enthusiasts to be rare collectible treasures, especially since folding knives are always in such demand.

WD Pease is a master knife maker who creates folder knives almost exclusively. The beauty and detail of WD Pease folding knives are unmatched. Many WD Pease knife designs include elaborate file work on the stainless steel or Damascus steel blade and spine.

Family owned Peas and Corn Company offers a wide selection of kitchen articles including custom made and handmade folding knives by Olszewski, Lone Wolf and WD Pease.

We also carry a selection of custom folder knives by such renowned knife makers as D’Holder, Jim Parker, Randy Lee, Mel Fassio, David Yellowhorse and Chris Reeve.

For more information about our selection of custom made and handmade folder knives, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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