Damascus Custom Made, Collectible Knives By
WD Pease, Jim Parker, Lone Wolf, Olszewski & D’holder

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For centuries blade smiths and craftsmen have been fascinated with the strength and beauty of Damascus steel blades.

Used in the Middle East to create legendary swords, the exact technique for creating Damascus steel remains a mystery. Today, most experts agree that pattern welding (as employed by modern custom knife makers) is what makes the steel blades of Damascus knives so tough.

Hundreds of layers of hard and soft steel are welded together and acids are used to create beautiful exotic patterns and surface markings that rival the beauty of original Damascus steel blades.

Peas and Corn Company Heirloom Gifts is thrilled to offer our selection of stunning Damascus knives by the following custom knife makers.

WD Pease Damascus Knives

damascus knifeWD Pease is another master knife maker. Known for his exceptional file work and engraving, WD Pease custom made Damascus knives are exceptional. Peas & Corn Heirloom Gifts offers the following WD Pease custom made Damascus knives.
Tortoise Folder Damascus Knife           Gold Lip Pearl Tortoise Damascus 
Stag Mosaic Damascus Knife               Stag Bronze Damascus Knife         
Meteorite Damascus Knife                    Stainless Damascus

D’holder Damascus Hunters Knife

damascus knivesThe D’Alton Holder custom made Damascus Hunter knife features a 1989 Scott Pilkington engraving and a Sheephorn handle. The exquisite file work features subtle wave-like patterning enhanced by the bold engraving on the bolster of the Sheephorn handle.

Stephen Olszewski Damascus Knives

damascusMaster knife maker Stephen Olszewski shows a preference for Damascus steel fashioned by some of the top steel makers to create custom made Damascus knives that are distinctively Olszewski.

Jim Parker Giraffe Damascus Knife

damascus bladeFeaturing engraving by Bruce Shaw, Jim Parker’s two-toned Giraffe Damascus knife has a Damascus-Nickel combination blade that captures and plays with light. The unique handle made of giraffe bone with its mosaic pins and the custom made alligator patch sheath makes this one of our most distinctive and collectable Damascus knives.

Lone Wolf Damascus Knives

damascus knivesThe Lone Wolf selection of Damascus knives include the pocket sized, limited edition leopard stone handled Paul Pocket Folder Damascus.  This is an ideal gentlemen’s pocket knife with a stainless steel Damascus blade.

Peas & Corn Company Heirloom gifts also carries the rugged, limited edition Paul Perfecto Damascus Passion Stone Lone Wolf folding knife. The blade has been heated, tempered and frozen and then soaked and etched to create the beautiful water drop ripple effect.

Family Owned Peas & Corn Company Heirloom Gifts

Peas and Corn Company is family owned and operated. We offer a wide selection of kitchen, heirloom and gift items including Damascus knives by master custom knife makers.

For more information about our selection of Damascus knives by WD Pease, D’Holder, Olszewski, Jim Parker and Lone Wolf, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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