Custom Made Folder Knives

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Like pocket knives, custom made folding knives are generally smaller than fixed blade knives.

The folder blade and handle are joined with a pivot that allows the blade to fold into the knife handle. Most of today’s custom made folder knives feature some form of locking mechanism as well.

Peas and Corn Company Heirloom Gifts offers custom made folder knives created by some of the world’s most respected knife makers and craftsmen including Chris Reeve, Mel Fassio, Stephen Olszewski and WD Pease.

Chris Reeve Custom Made Folder Knives

custom made folding knivesChris Reeve custom made Sebenza folding knives set the standard against which all other folding knives are compared having won Blade Magazine’s Manufacturers Quality Award in 2000, 2001 and 2003.

Chris Reeve was born and raised in South Africa where the name Sebenza means “work” in the native language of the South African Zulu people. Introduced in 1991, Sebenza custom made knives are fitted to the tightest tolerances in the industry and the Sebenza Integral Lock is considered to be the most rugged folding knife on the market.

Along with custom made large & small Sebenza knives, Peas & Corn Company also carries Chris Reeve Mnandi Gentlemen’s knives and tactical knives.

Mel Fassio Custom Made Folder Knives

custom folder knivesMel Fassio was once commissioned to create a limited edition knife for the Montana Knife Club. Considered a folder specialist, Mel took the time to learn the art of engraving because he wanted each custom made knife to be completely his creation.

Mel Fassio custom made knives available through the Peas and Corn Company include the Double Bolster Ivory knife (which includes his signature scrollwork engraving on the blade and bolster), the Engraved Wooly Mammoth Ivory knife and the Elk Horn Folder knife (double bolstered with stainless steel).

Stephen Olszewski Custom Made Folder Knives

custom made knivesAlong with being a custom knife maker Olszewski is also an accomplished sculptor and jewelry model maker. Olszewski custom made knives feature intricate deep relief carvings as in this Stephan Olszewski Gold Gentleman Folder knife. It comes with a 14 kt gold bolster and beautiful gold leaf design work on the back spine.

WD Pease Custom Made Folder Knives

custom made folder knivesMaster knife maker WD Pease almost exclusively creates custom made folder knives that feature exceptional file work and engraving. Peas & Corn Company is pleased to offer the following selection of WD Pease custom made folder knives.
Tortoise Folder Knife                           Gold Lip Pearl Tortoise     
Stag Mosaic Knife                                Stag Bronze           
Meteorite Damascus Knife                    Stainless Damascus
Big Horn Sheep                                    Wooly Mammoth Tooth  
Big Horn Folder                                   Mammoth Ivory Long Bolster
Tanto Black Pearl Folder                      Walrus Ivory Swinger                    
Mother of Pearl Swinger                       Stag Swinger         
Stag Swinger Walrus Ivory                   Mother of Pearl Swinger Finder Grip   

Heirloom Gifts & Custom Knives Available at the Peas & Corn Company

Family owned Peas and Corn Company offers a wide selection of kitchen, heirloom and gift items including custom made folder knives by Chris Reeve, Mel Fassio, Stephen Olszewski and WD Pease.

For more information about our selection of custom made folding knives, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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