Custom Made Fixed Blade Knives

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A fixed blade knife is a working knife with many monikers including sheath knife, camping knife, tactical knife or hunting knife.

A custom made one piece fixed blade knife offers exceptional strength to weight ratio and in general is a more reliable, stronger knife because it doesn’t have a join between the blade and handle.

Peas and Corn Company Heirloom Gifts offers custom made fixed blade knives created by some of the world’s most respected knife craftsmen. Some custom made knives are limited editions, which increases the value of these beautiful knife masterpieces.

D’holder Fixed Blade Custom Made Knives

custom made fixed blade knivesNot all custom made knives are folder knives as evidenced by our collection of custom made D’holder knives by D’Alton Holder of Arizona. Custom made D’holder knives are usable fixed blade knives and the Peas and Corn collection includes:
D’Holder Bird & Trout Knife                      D’Holder Damascus Hunter
Fingergroove Hunter Clip Blade                  Fingergroove Hunter Mammoth Tooth Scale    
Ironwood Hunter                                        Fingergroove Hunter Ironwood Scale
Sheephorn Hunter                                       Phoenix Small Hunter
Phoenix Drop Point Hunter                         Hardenbrook II Peoria Mark

Jim Parker Fixed Blade Custom Made Knives

custom fixed bladeDoes your taste for custom made knives lean to the extraordinary where each separate knife is a work of art? The custom made fixed blade knives of Jim Parker are masterpieces enhanced by the artwork engravings of master California engraver Bruce Shaw. Peas and Corn Company carries the Jim Parker Mammoth Damascus Folder knife plus the following custom made fixed blade knives:
      Amboynia Burl with engraving                     Narwhal Alaskan Skinner
      Cape Buffalo Skinner Knife                        Siberian Fossil Crackle Mammoth Ivory
      Three Finger Skinner                                  Sheephorn Hunter
      California Buckeye Bear                             Stag & Desert Ironwood Drop Point
      Giraffe Damascus

Gaetan Beauchamp Custom Made Fixed Blade Knives

fixed blade knivesGaetan Beauchamp is a maker of hunting, folding and collectible knives. He also scrimshaws on ivory and water buffalo horn. Though each Beauchamp creation is different, his work is easily recognized, especially in wildlife and human faces. A talented artist, he has gained international fame for his award winning knives and scrimshaw.

      Mammoth Ivory Clip Blade Hunter             Mammoth Ivory Trailing Point Blade
      Mammoth Ivory Finger Grip Hunter            Giraffe Bone Trailing Point Blade
      Caribou Antler Clip Blade                           Walrus Ivory Clip Blade
      Mammoth Bone Clip Blade                         Seraphite Trailing Point
      Mammoth Molar Clip Blade                       Scrimshaw Fish Knife
      Scrimshaw Prog Horn Knife                       Scrimshaw Lynx Knife

Randy Lee Custom Made Fixed Blade Knives

custom blade knivesAvid hunters and serious knife collectors are drawn to quality that can be found in Randy Lee custom made fixed blade knives. Designed for a lifetime of use, each Randy Lee custom made, stainless steel fixed blade knife comes with a genuine hand made leather sheath, designed by Randy’s wife Sonja, who is renowned for her custom, hand tooled knife sheaths. Randy Lee custom fixed blade knives include:
      Stubby Hunter Knife                                   California Buckeye Drop Point
      Stag Crown Bowie Knife                            Buckeye Hunter Knife 
      Buffalo Horn Drop Point                             Sub-Hilt Fighter Knife
      Snakewood Hunter Knife

Lone Wolf & David Yellowhorse
Semi Custom Made Fixed Blade Knives

custommade fixed knivesDavid Yellowhorse is a fourth generation Native American silversmith and master knife maker. His Navajo traditions figure prominently in his limited edition, hand made knife designs. Along with Lone Wolf Knives, Yellowhorse has created some of the market’s most coveted custom made fixed blade knives including:
      Buffalo Hunter Knife & Gun Set                  Ceremonial Knife & Gun Set
      Crazy Horse Fixed Blade Knife                  Wisdom Warrior Knife
      Sacred White Buffalo

Custom Knives – Part of the Peas & Corn Company

Family owned Peas and Corn Company offers a wide selection of kitchen and gift items including custom made fixed blade knives by D’holder, Jim Parker, Gaetan Beauchamp and Randy Lee plus semi-custom knife creations by Lone Wolf & David Yellowhorse.

For more information about our selection of fixed blade custom made knives, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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