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Do you have a penchant for collectible knives?

Peas and Corn Company carries a great selection of custom made collectible knives and handmade collectible knives by such distinguished knife makers as Schatt & Morgan and Canadian knife maker Gaetan Beauchamp.

Custom Made Schatt & Morgan Collectible Knives

You’ll like our Schatt & Morgan Premier Collector Series. Since 1890 the name Schatt & Morgan has been synonymous with the finest quality in knife making and their knives have become quite collectible.

Schatt & Morgan’s collectible folding knives are now produced in small quantities by Queen Cutlery, a premier knife maker of finely crafted pocket knives that is still housed in the original Schatt and Morgan factory and still utilize many of the delicate hand processes and operations employed by the original Schatt and Morgan knife making company.

Schatt & Morgan’s collectible knives remain one of the most sought after collectible knife series, revered by avid knife collectors worldwide simply because they are as practical as they are beautiful.

Schatt & Morgan Fire & Wire Tested Collectible Knives

For over seven decades Schatt & Morgan has used the term “Fire & Wire Tested” to signify the hardness of their knife blades, which are tested by cutting a wire of known consistency and hardness. Each mirror polished, hand crafted knife blade bares the distinctive Schatt & Morgan File & Wire trade mark shield.

Schatt & Morgan 2007 Series XVII Collectible Knives

Schatt & Morgan’s select group of mirror polished, 2007 Series XVII collectible knives include the following:
2 blade Daddy Barlow                             2 blade Horticulturalist
3 blade Dogleg Whittler                          3 blade Stockman
4 blade Rail Splitter                                 4 blade Mini Congress

Keystone State Timeworn – Red Jigged Bone

Handmade Gaetan Beauchamp Collectible Knives

Knife collectors from around the globe recognize the distinctive artwork and handmade craftsmanship of Canada’s renowned knife maker Gaetan Beauchamp.

Beauchamp is a talented artist with an award winning selection of knives and scrimshaw that is distinctively unique and highly revered. Avid knife collectors recognize the time and talent required to create these showpiece collectible knives.

Each Beauchamp scrimshaw knife creation is different featuring a unique version of an art form that began on whaler’s ships in the 1800’s. Scrimshaw traditionally involved etching on whalebone or ivory. Gaetan Beauchamp is a master of the reverse scrimshaw technique, often using dark material for a background.

Beauchamp knives favor scrimshaw carvings in fossilized ivory from the woolly mammoth or walrus however other precious materials used for these distinct knife handles include horns from the water buffalo, moose antlers and exotic woods.

The remarkable and impressive knife designs of Beauchamp hunting knives, folding knives and collectible knives capture the imagination of many outdoorsman and wildlife enthusiasts.

Gaetan Beauchamp’s select group of handmade collectible knives include the following:
Mammoth Ivory Clip Blade Hunter              Mammoth Ivory Trailing Point Blade
Mammoth Ivory Finger Grip Hunter            Giraffe Bone Trailing Point Blade
Caribou Antler Clip Blade                             Walrus Ivory Clip Blade
Mammoth Bone Clip Blade                           Seraphite Trailing Point
Mammoth Molar Clip Blade                         Scrimshaw Fish
Scrimshaw Prog Horn                                    Scrimshaw Lynx

Gaetan Beauchamp knives have been featured in numerous European and North American knife magazines including Blade, Knives Illustrated and Canadian Outdoors.

Peas and Corn Company is a family owned business with a wide selection of kitchen articles including collectible custom made and handmade knives by Shatt & Morgan and Gaetan Beauchamp.

Peas and Corn Company also carries collectible knives by such renowned knife makers as D’Alton Holder, WD Pease, Lone Wolf, Stephen Olszewski, Jim Parker, Randy Lee, Mel Fassio, David Yellowhorse and Chris Reeve.

For more information about our selection of collectible custom made and handmade knives by such renowned knife makers as Schatt & Morgan and Gaetan Beauchamp, please contact Peas and Corn Company at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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