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Chris Reeve Custom KnivesThe nearly 20 years that Chris Reeve Knives has been in existence have been remarkable ones! As a young man, he dreamed of owning a comfortable sized workshop where he could make good knives, have some decent machines and earn a reasonable living. Never in his wildest dreams could he have thought that his "one man band" knife making endeavor would take him half way around the world, honor him with such a large and loyal group of customers, and take him on a financial and emotional roller coaster ride!

Tactical KnivesChris channeled his enthusiasm into knife making - looking at every feature from a different angle, taking different approaches, using different techniques and different materials. The early years of Chris Reeve Knives were also funded more by enthusiasm and passion than by cash, but he has always striven to produce the best possible knives with the resources available. When Anne and Chris emigrated from South Africa to the USA in 1989, they embarked on an adventure to which they were totally committed. They offered themselves no option of going back or of failure. As they built their business, they worked Gentleman & Sebenza Kniveshard to put as much as possible into every one of their knives. They have designed every model with deliberation, taking into account how the knife works and the intended purpose of the knife. Chris has chosen the materials with care, he has paid exceptional attention to the execution of every knife, and has backed his product with the best customer service he can offer.

Gentleman & Sebenza KnivesChris considers it a privilege to have reached a point where he has a vibrant business, a great staff of 17 employees, and a company that has a world wide reputation for raising the standards bar - "pushing the envelope" - for the industry.

Chris' commitment to the product family of Chris Reeve Knives is as passionate and enthusiastic today as it was 20 years ago. He will continue to make the best knives he possibly can, optimizing design, function and materials.