Chris Reeve Knife

A Chris Reeve knife is a custom made knife and designed to work hard, keep a good edge and last a lifetime.

The Chris Reeve One-Piece Knife

The one Chris Reeve knife that has garnered to most attention and has won over more knife collectors is perhaps the Chris Reeve one-piece, a unique custom knife design where the knife is made out of one a single piece of steel.

Reeve conceived the idea of making a knife from one bar of steel during his military service. The wooden handle on a Chris Reeve knife original simply could not withstand the arid, desert-like conditions and soon started to dry out and crack. Chris Reeve decided to create a knife that could withstand extreme weather conditions and developed the concept of a custom knife fashioned out of a single bar of steel, one that was impervious to humidity or temperature changes, yet was strong and practical.


Chris Reeve Yarborough/Green Beret Knife

chris reeves knifeChris Reeve worked with William Harsey (another award winning knife maker) to create the Yarborough knife. The Yarborough/Green Beret is a unique tactical knife that won the Knife Collaboration of the Year award at Atlanta’s Blade Show in 2003. The Chris Reeve Yarborough/Green Beret knife is presented to graduates who qualify for the US Army Special Forces.


The Chris Reeve Aviator Knife

chris reeves knivesThe Chris Reeve Aviator knife, with a 4-inch blade, is still manufactured using the original one-piece method. The Chris Reeve knife design allows for the highest possible balance of strength to weight ratio. This Chris Reeve knife is ideal for aircraft or fire and rescue kits. Although this particular Chris Reeve knife has maintained the same design elements for over 20 years, many collectors and admirers of his work, often comment on the evolving Chris Reeve knife. They know Reeve to be a dedicated craftsman and master knife maker who is always looking for ways to improve his custom made knives.

The Versatility of a Chris Reeve Knife

A Chris Reeve knife is a working knife and is used the world over by the military, hunters, mountain climbers, firefighters and other emergency personnel.

When you look at all the manufacturing details that go into making a Chris Reeve knife, it’s easy to see why Peas and Corn Heirloom Gifts proudly offers the Internet’s largest Chris Reeve knife selection.  

A Chris Reeve knife is backed by the Reeve’s own philosophy of making knives that get the job done, efficiently and effectively. Chris Reeve Sebenza knives come with its own Allen wrench for easy dismantling and cleaning and every Chris Reeve knife comes with a lifetime guarantee, including Chris Reeve Gentlemen Knives.

Peas and Corn Heirloom Gifts carry the Internet’s largest selection of Chris Reeve knife originals and custom made knives. For more information about our Chris Reeve knife selection, please contact Peas and Corn Heirloom Gifts at 706.543.3018 or use our Contact Us page.

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