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Chris Reeve – Master Knife Maker

Chris Reeve was born in Durban, South Africa. He worked as a tool and die maker and knew a lot about working with steel. Chris Reeve didn’t set out as a knife maker, let alone dream that he’d end up living in Boise, Idaho to become one of North America’s leading master knife makers.

Known for his sense of adventure, Chris Reeve had a passion for Grand Prix motorcycle racing. In the early 1970’s he dreamed of becoming a World Champion. Although Chris Reeve didn’t get to the top of the heap in motorcycle racing, he has achieved world-renowned status as a master of knife art and custom made knives.

The One-Piece Knife - A Chris Reeve Original

Chris Reeve says the idea of creating a one-piece knife came to him while doing military service on the Angola/Namibia border. He’d made himself a handsome knife with a wooden handle but soon the desert-like climate began taking its toll on the wood, which started drying and cracking. He began thinking of a way a knife could withstand the toughest weather conditions. That’s how the idea for a knife made from a single bar of steel was born.

The Move to America

The first Chris Reeve knife went on sale in 1983. Reeve then stopped making tools to concentrate full time on crafting custom knives. He was still living in South Africa and began exporting his knives to other countries. Chris Reeve and his wife eventually moved to Boise, Idaho where they began building their knife making business that now offers world-class stainless steel, custom made knives.

Chris Reeve often incorporates the exotic in his custom knife designs while adhering to the intended purpose of the knife. He adds value to his creations by using African hardwoods from trees that have graced the earth for many decades, as seen in this Mnandi African Blackwood gentlemen’s knife.

Mnandi African Blackwood Chris Reeve KnifeThe Largest Selection of Chris Reeve Knives on the Internet

Peas and Corn Heirloom Gifts are proud to carry the largest selection of Chris Reeve knives on the Internet.

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