Crescent Handmade Alligator
Belts and Wallets

Peas and Corn is proud to carry handmade leather belts by Crescent Belt Manufacturers, makers of some of the finest genuine alligator belts you can buy.

Established in 1926, Crescent specializes in alligator belts, which they make in their Louisiana studio with the same dedication to craftsmanship that the company was founded with.

Each alligator belt is fashioned from genuine Louisiana alligator skin. Every step in making a Crescent belt is done by hand, from the cutting to the sanding, right on up to lining the belt with steer hide for extra comfort, guaranteeing that every handmade leather belt that Crescent makes is of the highest quality.

Crescent uses only the highest-grade alligator skins for their belts for an excellence you can see. Each belt has a unique scale pattern, and each hide takes the dye differently. Even though Crescent has been making exotic handmade leather belts for over eighty years, it’s a safe bet that they’ve never made the exact same belt twice. These belts give a unique, distinguished touch to anybody’s style.

Peas and Corn offers the popular Crescent belts Classic Alligator, Matte Alligator, and Hornback Alligator. In addition, we also carry Ostrich, Java Lizard, and Toro Buffalo lines, as well as their series of alligator wallets. Each item we offer is made with the same care and respect you’ve come to expect from Crescent.

We offer all of these in the colors black, brown, and cognac. Exact colors vary from dye lot to dye lot, adding to the uniqueness of each item we sell. All belts come with removable buckles, and can be cut to fit any customized belt buckle or accessory.

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Classic Alligator | Hornback Alligator | Matte Alligator | Ostrich

Classic Alligator Belts

Genuine Louisiana Alligator, the finest exotic skin, is the heart of our belts. With its classic finish, it is truly the diamond of exotic leathers.

Matte Alligator Belts

The Matte finish with its subtle highs and lows is the perfect look for the well-dressed businessman.

Hornback Alligator Belts

Distinctively defined scale patterns, each one unique, create one of a kind belts that show the unusual beauty of the Alligator's back and tail.

Ostrich Belts

Ostrich offers a classic richness, soft texture and elegant flair that blends perfectly with the relaxed character of modern dress.

Classic Alligator | Hornback Alligator | Matte Alligator | Ostrich