French fry cutter by StarfritWe no longer carry the Starfrit's French Fry Cutter with ingenious lever system.

Starfrit's French fry cutter, commonly referred to as the potato chipper, makes a perfect gift idea, cutting perfect French fries every time.

This French fry cutter has a suction mount for a sure stick, non-slip base. White with attractive red highlights, the chemical resistant body of the French fry cutter is made from Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene or ABS plastic, which is commonly used in piping and automotive parts, attesting to its tough durability.

Attractive and affordable, this is a quality product with a 25-hole, long lasting, stainless steel French fry cutter blade. It takes only moments for this French fry cutter to produce the perfect fries, not too thin and not too thick.

To minimize effort, the designer also used an ingenious lever system allowing you to safely use the French fry cutter with very little force required. As an added feature, this unit is extremely easy to clean.

With just a push of the handle, virtually anyone can make delicious, deep fried, home made deli style fries.

Order this French fry cutter now, for yourself or as a gift for someone who you know will share their fries!

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