Boker Ceramic knife

ever sharp, yet lightweight.

Never dull, a ceramic knife will hold its cutting edge far longer than other types of knife blades.

Resistant to wear and tear, a ceramic knife is...


A Boker Ceramic Knife will still look and perform great, cutting as it did in the beginning, even after years of use. Unlike steel knives, a ceramic knife won't flavor the taste of your cooking.

The new technology behind the design of every ceramic knife is the ceramic material known as zirconia, a substance that is lightweight yet second in hardness only to diamonds.

While the ceramic knife blade is incredibly hard and rarely needs sharpening it is primarily recommended for boneless cuts of meat. Not unlike diamonds, it is possible to chip the ceramic knife blade, so for bone-in meats a steel blade can still find a use.

The ceramic blade won't rust, discolor food or influence your food's taste or smell and can even cut fresh bread without a serrated blade.

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