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The Peas and Corn Company specializes in kitchen articles for the nutritional minded. Top on the list is Lee's Original Corn Cutter and Creamer available in hardwood and stainless steel. It cuts, shreds and scrapes grains of corn off the ears 10 times faster at one-forth the effort. The Amazing Mr. Pea Sheller™ saves hours of tedious work shelling black eye, purple hulls, cream peas, butter beans, etc. The Cabbage Cutter and Vegetable Slicer will become your favorite kitchen appliance. The sharp stainless steel blade is fully adjustable for desired thickness and can be used for most vegetables. And, be sure to see our Nutcrackers for pecans and other thin shelled nuts. On the left column of this page you will find a complete directory of our products. Take your time and browse through our catalog pages, you'll be glad you did!

At The Peas and Corn Company we believe in providing excellent quality merchandise to consumers at affordable prices. Your satisfaction is fully guaranteed.

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    The Amazing Mr. Pea Sheller
    Vegetable Slicers
    Cabbage Cutter
    Electric Nutcrackers
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    Aromatic Cedar Products
    Shoe Care - Dryers, Buffers, Kits, Trees, Brushes, Polish
    Nu-Life Color Sprays
    Lincoln Shoe Polish
    Shoelace Center
    INCH-MASTER® Waistband Stretcher
    Hat Stretcher
    Foot Care
    Rolla Roaster - Hotdog and Marshmallow Roaster Fork
    Sharpeners - Knives - Scissors - Tools
    Haws Watering Cans
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