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Potato Stuffed with Lobster
Serves 6

  • Lobster meat, steamed, diced - 24 ounces 

  • Baking potatoes, cooked, scooped - 1 per person 

  • Celery, small dice - ¾ cup 

  • Onion, small dice - ½ cup 

  • Scallops, medium dice - 1 cup 

  • Crab meat, shredded - ¾ cup 

  • Maine shrimp - ¾ cup 

  • Scallions, sliced - ½ CUP 

  • Sherry - to taste 

  • Mayonnaise - 1 cup 

  • Fresh bread crumbs to sprinkle on top of filled potatoes before baking

    1. Sauté celery, onion, scallops in a little butter till slightly cooked. 

    2. Season with salt and pepper, then add all the ingredients and gently toss. 

    3. Divide the mixture evenly among the potatoes and bake in a pre-heated oven till hot. 

    You may substitute sour cream for the mayonnaise

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