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Lobster and Wild Mushrooms over Angel Hair Pasta

  • Lobster Meat, large chunks or big pieces -4 ounces per person

  • Mushrooms, shitake, sliced stem removed - 3 Per person 

  • Shallots, minced - ˝ tsp per person 

  • Lemon juice, a few drops 

  • Salt/pepper - to taste 

  • White wine - 2-3 tbsp 

  • Heavy cream - 3-4 tbsp 

  • Fresh basil, chiffonade ( sliced) - 1 tbsp 

  • Whole butter - 1 tbsp 

  • Dry sherry, to taste 

    1. In a skillet, sauté the shallots for one minute without browning. 

    2. Add the mushrooms and cook till tender. 

    3. When mushrooms are cooked, add wine and lemon juice and reduce by one half, then add the cream, sherry , seasonings, and lobster and cook gently, till just bubbly. About 3 minutes. Remember, the lobster is already cooked, so it will not need much. 

    4. At this stage, arrange cooked angle hair pasta on a plate and nest the lobster and sauce in the middle. Sprinkle with extra basil if you like. 

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