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Grilled Oysters

  • 24 oysters

  • Lemon wedges and sauces of choice 

If using a gas grill, turn all burners to high, lower lid until grill is very hot, about 15 minutes. Use a wire brush to scrape clean the cooking grate. Leave the burners on high.

If using charcoal, ignite about 2 pound charcoal until they turn ash gray. Spread  the coals into a single layer over the bottom of the grill. Place cooking grate in place, cover grill with lid, and allow grate to heat up, about 5 minutes. Use a wire brush to clean the grate. Coals are ready to cook when  they are medium-hot (when you can hold your hand over the coals for 3 to 4 seconds).

Place oysters directly on the cooking grate. Cover and grill, without turning, until oyster shell opens, 4 to 6 minutes.

With tongs, carefully transfer the opened oysters to a flat serving platter, trying to preserve the juices. Open completely and discard the top shell and loosen the meat from bottom of the shell before serving. Top with sauce and lemon, if desired.

Yield: 4 to 6 appetizer servings.

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