Bron Mandoline Original vegetable slicer

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The original Bron Mandoline vegetable slicer and its Gourmet counterpart are both made from 100% stainless steel in France.

The history of the Bron Mandeline vegetable slicer dates back to just after the Second World War when Jean Bron made the first metal version of the wooden vegetable slicer invented by Marcel Forelle in 1930.

The Bron Mandoline vegetable slicer is a piece of professional kitchen hardware and because chefs were known to "play" their mandoline much in the same manner as musicians the name was borrowed from the musical instrument.

French made stainless steel with guard and folding stand. It's interesting to note that earlier mandoline vegetable slicers were simply held, pressed against the chef's chest to slice the vegetables directly above the dish.  

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